Lead Battery Industry Invites Global Use of Free, New Logo to Honor National Battery Day February 18

Lead Battery Industry Invites Global Use of Free, New Logo to Honor National Battery Day February 18

Unifying Design Highlights Essentiality of All Battery Chemistries

There is an “electrifying” reason why National Battery Day is celebrated annually on February 18. It’s the anniversary of Alessandro Volta’s birth in 1745. The Italian physicist and chemist invented the electric battery, and this year, anyone can celebrate his or her favorite battery chemistry with a dynamic, new logo that’s free to download and share.

“Our industry believes Battery Day is a day to celebrate,” said Lisa Dry, director of strategic communications for the two organizations behind the new logo, Battery Council International and the Essential Energy Everyday communications initiative. “Batteries play a growing and essential role in further electrifying our world and helping to mitigate climate change.”

She shared the rationale behind creating a logo to uniformly brand Battery Day. “We want to elevate the awareness and understanding of the growth in demand and essentiality of batteries. We’d love to see #BatteryDay go viral.”

The U.S. lead battery manufacturers and recyclers, in particular, use Battery Day to highlight the benefits and recyclability of lead batteries with policymakers and regulators. Dry added. “The remarkable, innovative lead battery is critical for transportation, telecommunications, renewable energy and as back-up power to many essential services.”

Yet, despite the importance of batteries, there has been no unifying mark or branding of Battery Day, until now. The new logo – available in static or animated GIF formats – replicates a growing “smart” cityscape formed from various battery types which represents the role batteries play in powering our everyday lives and future. Moving horizontal line elements convey modern connectivity, data, energy movement and power.

“We wanted a logo that could be used globally by all battery manufacturers, recyclers and suppliers, from large-scale industrial batteries to smaller everyday household batteries,” said Dry. The dynamic and innovative logo was created in partnership with Activated Growth, a Minnesota-based marketing agency with an expertise in branding.

Anyone can access the logos for print and online use through Essential Energy Everyday or this Dropbox link. All materials are available at no cost through, and licensed for free use by others, under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

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