Welcome to the 2019 FMF R1 Million Challenge!

Welcome to the 2019 FMF R1 Million Challenge!

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The spirit of successful nationhood

Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi, has a better solution for South Africa’s future than has been put forward by anyone else. He said after his team had won the World Cup:

"I was just grateful for everything the team has been through, we've faced a lot of challenges... So many problems in our country, but to have a team like this ... we know we come from different backgrounds, different races, and we came together with one goal and wanted to achieve it…I really hope that we've done that for South Africa, to show that we can pull together if we want to work together and achieve something…Since I've been alive, I have never seen South Africa like this…We love you, South Africa, and we can achieve anything if we work together as one."

The spirit co-operation, goodwill and success

What can we do to allow the spirit and courage that the Springboks displayed on the rugby field to spill over into the hearts and minds of all South Africans? From Japan, the team appealed for everyone to co-operate with each other and make South Africans a proud nation. A co-operating nation can work wonders. A squabbling and unhappy nation will continue to drift towards poverty and misery.

A rugby team, or any team for that matter, plays better when the members are encouraged rather than constantly criticised. There is a good reason why our Constitution contains a Bill of Rights to try and ensure that the law does not discriminate against any people, whoever they may be.

Just imagine if South Africa deliberately set out to achieve the same freedom before the law for everyone, developed a unity of purpose, encouraged the most able citizens to do even better, in the same way that the members of the Springbok rugby team worked together and encouraged each other, as Siya Kolisi said, ‘we come from different backgrounds, different races, and we came together with one goal and wanted to achieve it.” Under such conditions there is no limit to what South Africans can achieve.       

 Instilling hope and courage in an atmosphere of despair

The prospects of a Springbok win in the Rugby World Cup looked unattainable. What we did not know was what an inspiring captain and brilliant coaching could have on a team. Most of all there was obvious support for each other displayed by the members of the team. Just imagine what South Africa would be like if that same spirit could be captured and displayed towards each other by South Africans in their daily lives.

How can this be done?

Extraordinary South Africans in all walks of life are displaying signs of that spirit. Applauding the successes achieved by others and refusing to be drawn into the negativity of envy and destructive behaviour. In attempting to climb the ladder of success we need to remember that we can climb to the top of the ladder much faster if we push those ahead of us up instead of trying to pull them down.

Applying the rules of governance fairly and correctly

Let everyone in the economy work according to the rules set out in the Constitution, especially following the rule of law, which says that everyone has the right to equality before the law. This means that the interpreters and appliers of the law, just as with the referee in a rugby match, cannot change the rules according to their whims, as this leads to chaos. There was general agreement that the referee in the final of the World Cup interpreted and applied the rules fairly and correctly, making it a great match with a fair outcome.

Working together to make South Africa great

Sound economic principles will need to be applied to allow the South African economy to function optimally and make South Africa great. All the indicators show that an economy functioning according to free market principles produces the best results. A free market economy is a co-operative economy, which allows those to succeed who serve the consumers best. Significantly, the economies of some of the former Soviet communist countries, who switched to greater economic freedom, are growing their per capita incomes at a rapid pace. Perhaps, as the Springboks did, South Africa should adopt the best available tactics to achieve success.     

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