Masterdrive Newsletter - 01 March 2018

Masterdrive Newsletter - 01 March 2018

MasterTips: Dodge the pothole

Following good rainfall in many parts of the country, dodging potholes is becoming a necessity. Follow these tips to avoid painful repair costs.

MasterTest: Bike expressions: The Suzuki Hayabusa 2017

This bike is quite simply the Ultimate Sport bike. Derek Kirkby takes it for a ride and is left impressed with the bike’s eagerness to respond.

MasterNews: Welcome to the new Minister of Transport

This week’s cabinet reshuffle saw Blade Nzimande become Minsiter of Transport. MasterDrive would like to wish him well and challenge him to achieve an even greater reduction in road fatalities. 


Teacher: "What is the present tense for the sentence 'I killed someone'?" Student: "The present tense would be 'I am in prison.'"

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