Water crisis solutions for Porsche Centre Cape Town

Water crisis solutions for Porsche Centre Cape Town

Porsche South Africa invests in water saving measures

Cape Town. The worsening water crisis in Cape Town is being addressed by Porsche South Africa, with the implementation of an innovative vehicle wash-bay water supply and recycling plant.

The system employs a basement well-point pick up (which prevents basement flooding), plus a rainwater harvesting system to feed storage tanks, serving as a reservoir for wash-bay water supply. Used wash-bay water is collected in a main drain, before flowing to a sand, oil and grease trap. A series of bioreactors then filter the water with minimal sludge build-up, until clean water is returned to the high-pressure wash system. Going forward, Porsche Centre Cape Town will be utilising this system, in order to eliminate municipal water usage.

Porsche South Africa has also initiated a bottled water supply programme for individuals and organisations, which will come to effect whenever an event is hosted by the sports car manufacturer in the Western Cape. Toby Venter, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of LSM Distributors, Porsche South Africa said; ‘The Cape region is a preferred venue for national events because it offers unparalleled scenery and wonderful driving roads. As such, we are aware of our role and responsibility in limiting visitor impact on natural resources in the region, whilst still supporting local businesses”.

Porsche will continue to replenish supplies in line with the number of local and international guests attending events in the region.