ContiTech’s elastic Multi V-Belt: Designed for modern engines

ContiTech’s elastic Multi V-Belt: Designed for modern engines
  • ContiTech introduces elastic Multi V-Belts in southern Africa
  • With an integrated tensioning member, the belt maintains tension without needing additional pulleys

Johannesburg, February 2018. Technology company ContiTech has introduced a new elastic Multi-V Belt to the southern African automotive market that enables non-positive power transmission of torque in belt drives without a tensioning pulley.

Instead, the belt is engineered with integrated tension members, which enable it to maintain tension throughout its lifetime. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern engines, the new V-belts can be used to drive a wide range of automotive systems, including alternators, fans, water pumps, air-conditioning compressors and power steering.

ContiTech‘s Multi V-Belt is made up of three main components: a cover coat, the tension member and rib coating. The cover coat features a textured reverse consisting of synthetic rubber with a high wear resistance. Specialised coating is also employed on the ribs, which guarantee good noise properties and an ideal grip, even on a slightly misaligned drive.

“The most important part of the ContiTech elastic Multi-V Belt though is the tension member,” explains Lynne Dunn, National Sales Manager – Industrial Fluid Systems & Power Transmission at ContiTech Africa. “Unlike typical multi V-belts, the tension member on this belt is made with elastic polyamide fibre, which guarantees the belt runs neutrally over its service life.”

As these belts are directly subject to constant movement and various environmental stresses such as dust, dirt and high and extreme temperature ranges, ContiTech recommends changing these belts after 120 000 km. It is important to note, that elastic and classic multi V-belts are not interchangeable. It is essential during service and repair work on a vehicle with a factory-fitted elastic belt to ensure that this component is replaced with another elastic belt. Normal multi V-belts do not work in these vehicles because of their different construction. Also, it is important to use the correct tools when working with any V-belt, and ContiTech offers a complete range of special tools and practical belt sets for the customer with disposable tools.