Masterdrive Newsletter - 11 January 2018

Masterdrive Newsletter - 11 January 2018

MasterTips: Driven to sickness

With the advent of driverless technology, drivers are becoming passengers in many ways. Will this leave them vulnerable to the same motion sickness that passengers experience?

MasterTest:Driving expressions: Mercedes-Benz User Experience

Mercedes-Benz will take centre stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with their world premiere of the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

MasterNews: MasterDrive is open!

MasterDrive has opened and is ready to begin their new year with vigour. This is how we can work together this year to make even safer roads.

MasterHumour: Extra vision

A manager is interviewing people for a post at his company. He asks each applicant what sort of supervision they prefer. One replies, "I have always thought Superman’s x-ray vision is pretty cool."

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