Green Planet Laundry now recycles 98% of their borehole water

Green Planet Laundry now recycles 98% of their borehole water

When Green Planet Laundry opened their doors in October, they managed to recycle and reuse about 50% of the borehole water used in their machines. Since then, they’ve reworked and reprogrammed their wash cycles and upgraded their purification system to recycle an even larger amount. Today, a whopping 98% of the water used on site is recycled and fed back into the laundry system. Only water used to clean heavily-soiled laundry (such as spa towels and industrial overalls) is disposed of professionally.

Why is this important?

Borehole water is the Western Cape’s saving grace, but like all natural resources, it is limited. Underground, or borehole, water exists because of rainfall – rain water seeps into the ground and percolates downward into an aquifer. In times of very low rainfall, less water runs into the aquifer, resulting in less borehole water being available to the user.

Borehole water can be likened to water in a sponge: it is stored in various types of formations, and can consist of water from recent rainfall, or even rainfall from decades ago. If too much water is pumped out of a borehole without adequate rainfall replenishing it, the borehole will deliver less water.

By recycling 98% of the borehole water used, Green Planet Laundry ensures that they use the absolute minimum amount of borehole water required.

About Green Planet Laundry

The first of its kind in Africa, this innovative laundry uses purified borehole water instead of valuable municipal drinking water. While the average home washing machine uses between 50 and 150 litres of drinking water per cycle, Green Planet Laundry uses zero litres, offering major relief for the drought-stricken Western Cape dams.

Green Planet Laundry services the greater part of Cape Town, from Strand to Paarl to Duynefontein to Cape Point, and offer a convenient same-day collection service (terms and conditions apply). Cape Town residents can now experience the convenience of sending their laundry to be cleaned without the guilt of wasting natural resources.