The remarkable new Festool Airstream 18-volt battery and charger that reduces your charging time by 65% and increases your drilling time

The remarkable new Festool Airstream 18-volt battery and charger that reduces your charging time by 65% and increases your drilling time

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If you do own a Festool cordless 18-volt power tool make sure you next battery upgrade is the new Festool Airstream, it will also make sense in upgrading to the new Airstream charger. You will also be able to purchase these at a very affordable price with the Festool unique International Power Select program.

Festool are the only manufacturer who will not charge you extra to purchase additional components later. A battery on its own does not cost any more than it does as part of a set. As a result, Festool PowerSelect enables you to individually configure your 18 or 10.8-volt system at no extra charge.

Buy later without the “Buy-later” trap, even the accessory battery packs and chargers are calculated very fairly without any hidden costs. Festool cordless tool owners can now also upgrade their batteries and chargers for the new innovative Festool 5.2 Ah AIRSTREAM battery packs and the new TCL 6 and SCA 8 rapid chargers with AIRSTREAM technology which are available separately at the Festool Power Select replacement price. Also, available separately is the new lightweight compact battery pack with 3.1 Ah

“As far as we know there is no other power tool manufacturer in the country that offer this unique deal,” said Greg de Villiers, sales, tool expert and head demonstrator for Vermont Sales.

“We ran some tests on the new Airstream 18-volt battery and Airstream charger, with uncanny results, using 2 of the Festool 18 volt cordless drills but only using the one new Airstream battery, getting it up to a full charge, then putting the battery through a series of drilling tests which continued over 3 weekends only since it did not need a recharge.

There were a huge number of tasks planned, drilling through various thicknesses of steel, the same story with several aluminium brackets and edging, followed by wood drilling, then lots of counter sinking, a huge number of Kreg Pocket holes, using the same drill/battery to insert the screws, we then replaced all the shelves in a store room, drilling a series of holes into masonry, using the hammer action unit but the same Airstream battery.”

“The normal Festool Li-ion battery always lasted a lot longer than all my cordless drills but that had to be charged from time to time. But not so with this new Airstream battery and its uncanny drilling life, still to this day the 4 weekend it has not had its 2nd charge. Festool say their main feature is the 65% reduced charging time. Festool can certainly add longer drilling hours to these new Airstream batteries. They do however say at least double the charging capacity of the conventional TCL 3 charger with high power consumption and long running times.”

“This innovative technology is a first in the industry from Festool, it also provides information by displaying the remaining charging time on an integrated LED display on the Airstream battery pack which shows the current charge status at the push of a button, ours after 3 weekends of drilling shows it still has two thirds of its power which is a another huge feature from Festool that they have not highlighted, much longer running time, this longer running time must be due to their other unique benefit that the drills only give you the power you need when drill and never the full power all the time a very clever feature which we picked up on with the masonry drilling. Also, the cool added feature is the most powerful 3 LED lights to light up the drilling point, which are perfectly placed and great when you need the light in tight corners, similar readings are also displayed on the new Airstream Charger. To any tool man, DIYer or drill mad owner investing in a Festool cordless and the Airstreaming units is a no brainer and a must have.” D DIYer.

They say all batteries need to cool down first before they can be recharged. For tradespeople, this means unnecessary and expensive downtimes. In contrast to the previous TCL 3 charger, Festool has even managed to increase the charging capacity by a factor of 2.5. according Jürgen Zehnder Product Manager at Festool Germany. 

“As you would expect from Festool products, we have made sure that the new chargers can also charge our Li-ion battery packs – the 12, 15 and 18 V versions. One particular benefit is that the new 5.2 Ah Airstream Li-ion batteries fit all our current 18 V products, including the powerful TSC 55 cordless plunge circular saw, the practical HKC 55 cordless circular saw, the extremely lightweight BHC 18 cordless hammer drill, the flexible T18+3 cordless drill and the powerful Quadrive PDC cordless percussion drill," said Zehnder.

Buying the best power tool comes with the best service. After purchasing and registering the tool, customers are automatically entitled to the following services: Warrantee 36 months, if registered with Festool. A 10-year guarantee of the availability of spare parts.