Castrol Classic introduce their new updated web site www.castrolclassicsa.co.za

The Castrol Classic team Paul Williams and Giovanni Schule

Castrol Classic caters for veteran, vintage classic cars, and motorcycles, older than 35 years basically all vehicles pre-1980

Castrol Classic an independently owned company recently launched their new web site, the new site introduces the full range of their products there uses and features. The range includes all the engine oils, gearbox, racing oils for classic cars and motorcycles, the famous Castrol R, an exclusive range of additives the key product in this range being the valve replacement Castrol Valvemaster Lead Replacement Petrol Additive and Valvemaster Plus Octane Boost. Also in the range is their specialist greases, transmission fluids and specific Hydraulic oils and lubes for Rolls Royce and Jaguar. Automatic gearbox fluids, brake fluids and specialist running in oils.

A full data sheet is supplied for each of the products, plus all the information on the product and which product is for which models. It gives a full round down on why you must use the products being owners classic vehicles or older model’s cars and motorcycles.

The contact sheet on the site makes it easy to call or mail the company, who are also on the lookout for dealers around the country to stock and sell their famous range

Castrol Classic operation caters for veteran, vintage classic cars, and motorcycles, older than 35 years basically all vehicles pre-1980. Castrol Classic made it very clear that Castrol’s manufacturing processes of the Classic Range have not changed and have remained true to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by all the classic marques.

The formulations required for modern vehicles are very different from those needed for older vehicles. Oils for modern engines comply with the latest API ratings of SN/CF and specific ACEA and OEM specifications dealing with fuel efficiency, extended drain intervals and aftermarket exhaust treatment systems and are specifically designed for the modern engine needs.

A classic car engine however, can have the opposite characteristics with cork/graphite/rope seals, low pressure gear driven oil pumps, larger oil galleries with greater dependence on "splash" and "cling" lubrication, lower revving with larger machine clearances. Such a widely different engine design can demand a different lubricant and the Castrol Classic Oils range offers formulations for older vehicles that have been specially blended for the work they have to do.

The range is selling well in the UK across the country as well as in Europe we have also had an outstanding response in South Africa and across our borders for the brand. According to the guys behind the Castrol Classic oils in the UK, there is a huge demand from your veteran, vintage and classic vehicle owners this also includes motor cycles from that same era.