WABCO establishes wholly-owned business in Southern Africa

WABCO establishes wholly-owned business in Southern Africa

Dear CustomerI am delighted to inform you that, as of December 1st, 2017, WABCO South Africa will become a wholly-owned WABCO business and with that, an integral part of a global market leader and pioneer in advanced technologies that contribute to the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles.

We anticipate that customers in the region will welcome this news. As you probably know, WABCO has operated in South Africa in a partnership with Sturrock and Robson since 1995.  During the past 20 years we have built a strong local team to support and serve your local and regional needs.  By now combining that team with WABCO’s recently extended portfolio, we will be better placed than ever to be a key partner to your business growth ambitions in South Africa and markets across the region.

In terms of accessibility, the change also increases our overall proximity to you.  Thanks to our regional Distribution Center we will be able to better introduce our recently extended portfolio of solutions to the Sub-Saharan region as well as accelerate our response times region-wide.

WABCO’s seasoned local team remains in place, so you will continue to see the familiar faces you’re used to dealing with.

We are fully committed to delivering ‘business as usual’ to you today.  In the coming days we will be in touch to discuss what this development means for WABCO and our improved ability to support your ambitions.  I thank you for your valued business to date and look forward to an enriched partnership in the future.