World surfski champion Jenna Ward and muscian Jesse Clegg are our final star pairing of the season

World surfski champion Jenna Ward and muscian Jesse Clegg are our final star pairing of the season

There is no doubting the massive impact our experiences growing up can have in influencing and moulding the people we become. This couldn't be more evident than in the case of our final celebrity pairing of the season: Jesse Clegg and Jenna Ward.

Being exposed to paddling at an early age, Jenna Ward has stroked her way to the very top of her sport! First representing South Africa at 16, Jenna has gone on to become World Under 23 Surf Ski Champion and runner up in the Senior K2 Marathon Champs, and all this while juggling her career as a school teacher.unbelievable.

Platinum selling singer-songwriter, Jesse Clegg, may have started his life on tour with father Johnny Clegg, but he has worked hard at creating his own path in the music world. With 3 albums, six Top 10 singles and three South African Music Award Nominations, Jesse Clegg has blazed a trail to the top of charts but will he be as successful on the racetrack?

Will Jenna Ward be a duck out of water or will Jesse Clegg have another chart topping performance?

Catch them in action on Speed Stars on Ignition, DSTV 189 at the following times:

Saturday 25th November @ 19:00

Sunday 26th November @ 07:00?

Monday 27th November @ 01:00

Tuesday 28th November @ 09:00 and 21:00

Wednesday 29th November @ 06:00 and 18:00

Thursday 30th November @ 13:00

Friday 1st December @ 15:00

You too can be a winner with Speed Stars by entering our weekly Predict the Winner Competition. Simply head to our website www.speedstars.co.za and predict who you think will win: Jenna Ward or Jesse Clegg and you could win a R3000-00 Goodyear Tyre voucher to spend on any Goodyear tyres fitted at your nearest Hi-Q Fitment Centre.


In a drama filled two-lap shootout between Emma Sadleir and Cliff Pinto, the Pigspotter made a massive error when he mistakenly pitted after just one lap, ensuring an easy victory for the social media attorney - this error also severely compromised Cliff's position on the Speed Stars leaderboard! With all our races beginning from a standing start, the second lap or 'flying lap' is always significantly faster than the first so his first lap blunder put paid to any chances of him making the Top 8. After consultation with the show producers, it was decided the fairest solution would be to work out the average improvement in time between Lap 1 and Lap 2 for all the season's guests and then apply that to his first lap time. This gave him an adjusted fastest lap time of 1:28.92 - good enough for sixth position on the leaderboard and in with a shot at the finals.

But the real star of the show was Emma Sadleir! As a top-notch horse rider she had no problem dominating horsepower of the motoring type as she fearlessly tackled the Zwartkops racetrack. A massive moment at Turn 5 saw her off track but she showed impressive skills to get her Polo back under control and on track. That mistake would have cost her a lot of time but she was still able to post an impressive fastest lap time of 1:28.75 to secure fifth position on the leaderboard. With a final guest pairing still to come and our two public lap times to be revealed, Emma looks a sure bet for a spot on the grid in our race for top honours!

The Pigspotter got well and truly served.

The leaderboard as it currently stands after seven episodes:

  1. Rob Forbes 1:25.30?
  2. Kwagga Smith 1:25.62
  3. Ryan Kankowski 1:26.02
  4. Joey Rasdien 1:27.25
  5. Emma Sadleir  1:28.75
  6. Cliff 'Pigspotter' Pinto  (1:28.92)
  7. Richelieu Beaunoir 1:29.54
  8. Zoe Brown  1:29.96
  9. Jason Goliath  1:30.33
  10. Justin Geduld 1:30.46
  11. Dane' van Niekerk 1:32.40
  12. Elma Smit                             1:32.95?
  13. Julia Stuart                          1:34.19
  14. Shashi Naidoo                   1:40.84

Our eight fastest stars will contest the final - a six lap race in identical race prepped VW Polo's - and with four times still to be posted, our grid for the race is far from finalised.

Congratulations to our winner in our Predict the Winner Competition, Alwyn Singleton, who correctly predicted that Emma Sadleir would win this match up. He's won an Advanced Driving Course with VW Driving Academy valued at R3000.

Speed Stars 3 will be on your TV screens from the 7th October until the 8th December on Ignition, DSTV 189 as well as being available on Catch Up.

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