THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Results for the 2017 Tekkie Tax Campaign!!

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Results for the 2017 Tekkie Tax Campaign!!

South Africa, you did it again!!

The result for the 2017 Tekkie Tax Campaign was released on Friday during the annual Tekkie Tax Telebration. South Africa came together once again and raised a whopping R8 239 265 on 27 May 2017. This unique fundraising campaign is now standing at a total of more than R30.5million over the last 5 years!! Tekkie Tax raise funds for five sectors namely Animals, Bring Hope, Children, Disability and Education.

This breakfast at Indaba Hotel, Fourways was well attended by various Beneficiary Organisations, Media Houses, Companies, Celebrities and the Business Ambassadors. John Owens, Mr South Africa (2014), was the handsome MC. Various awards were given to the hard-working contributors who helped raised this amazing amount of money.

In 2017, 264 Non-Profit Organisations and 621 Companies participated. Together, they sold 407 000 stickers and 102 000 pairs of Tekkie Tag shoelaces!

Of the Companies, Absa Capital sold the highest number of stickers and Bowler Plastics sold the highest number of tags. In the NGO division, Polokwane Nasorg Sentrum sold the most stickers (21 681) and CANSA Pretoria sold the most tags (2 695).

Tekkie Tax 2017 was a hit and 26 celebrities added their voices to “Protecting The Vulnerable”. Amongst the celebrities were Jack Parrow, Sorina Erasmus a.k.a. The Flooze, Snotkp, Lloyd Cele, Jak de Priester, Annati, Anneli van Rooyen, Johan & Chantelle Owens and many others. They supported the Campaign in various ways.

For the Tekkie Tax team, the hardworking girls behind Tekkie Tax, there is no rest. They are already working full steam on the 2018 Campaign and the brand new 2018 designs were launched this morning. Calls for commitment have already gone out to various businesses, welfare organisations, schools and every person who can to support the campaign for 2018.
Remember! National Tekkie Tax Day is on 25 May 2018. Leave a little sparkle and wear your Tekkies!

For further information, visit TekkieTax or phone the office at 012 663 8181.