Tenneco clean air fully compliant with EU homologation standards

Tenneco clean air fully compliant with EU homologation standards

Tenneco’s comprehensive range of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF) are in full compliance with EU homologation regulations.

Required by all European nations, the homologation process protects workshops and consumers by ensuring that the performance characteristics of aftermarket emissions control components are in line with their corresponding OE parts. Tenneco’s Walker® brand catalytic converters and DPFs are independently tested by TÜV, a global leader in compliance testing and certification, using the same standards required to meet homologation requirements for stationary noise, pass-by noise, backpressure/engine power, emission levels and fit.

Such independent tests have been validated by consistent high marks in conformity of production tests by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) Federal Motor Transport Authority, which periodically inspects Walker brand and other aftermarket components to ensure they comply with EU emissions requirements.


Tenneco Launches EU Aftermarket’s First Euro 6 Petrol Catalytic Converter

With the debut of its new Walker® Euro 6 petrol catalytic converter in June, Tenneco became the first emissions control solutions manufacturer to offer an aftermarket catalytic converter designed to comply with the European Union’s Euro 6 emissions standard. Engineered to work in conjunction with Volkswagen AG’s 1.4-liter TSI engine, the latest Walker converter provides aftermarket coverage for an estimated 400,000 cars in the EU.

According to the European Commission, vehicle emissions such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide and NOx are the most significant environment cause of premature death across the EU, leading to respiratory diseases and related healthcare costs. Implemented in 2014, the Euro 6 emissions standard requires OE manufacturers comply with stringent emissions requirements in an effort to help curb the negative effects of air pollutants.


Tenneco’s engineering and product management teams recently developed a diesel particulate filter (DPF) benchmark study pitting Walker® brand aftermarket DPF units for the Ford DLD-416/PSA Group DV6 engine against five competitors. Of the brands and models that were tested, the study recognized Tenneco as the top DPF seller in terms of overall quality and durability when compared with OE.

Tenneco is a pioneer in the development of DPFs, which are designed to trap and remove off soot, ashes and other harmful solid particles traveling within diesel exhaust gases. Benchmark testing on Walker mounting brackets, welding, pressure nipples, filters, protection rings, use of platinum group metals (PGM) and backpressure tolerances placed the brand at or near OE quality when compared with those of other aftermarket suppliers tested. This benchmark study provides Tenneco team members with a new tool to promote Walker quality and pricing against market competition.


Tenneco’s Comprehensive Clean Air Portfolio Provides Extensive Market Coverage

When it comes to emissions control coverage, Walker® “has it all,” providing automotive workshop professionals and parts jobbers a comprehensive range of products, support, training resources and more.

Tenneco leverages its extensive OE expertise to engineer and manufacture Walker catalytic converters, mufflers/silencers, diesel particulate filters and other aftermarket components that meet the same strict performance and durability expectations as the OE parts they’re designed to replace. All Walker exhaust systems are fully homologated to comply with Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) Regulation 103 requirements.

Other products offered under the Walker brand include exhaust system additives, pipes, sealing putty, lubricants and assembly kits. The brand also provides workshops with advertising and point-of-sale promotional materials; comprehensive eCatalogs available at www.walkercatalogue.eu; and technical support available through the Technicians Advanced Digital Information System (TADIS), and the Walker telephone Techline service.


The 2017 IAA Show provided a valuable platform for Tenneco to showcase its latest original equipment and aftermarket technologies and demonstrate how they align with key growth trends for ride performance, emissions control and NVH solutions.

Increasingly stringent global emissions requirements are driving advancements in traditional ICE, hybrid and plug-in electric powertrain technology along with the shift toward new mobility models, including autonomous vehicles. Tenneco is at the forefront of these changes with its extensive portfolios of advanced emissions control, ride performance and NVH solutions.

During the show, Tenneco also announced the European debut of its innovative DRiV™ digital suspension technology, part of the Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio. Designed for use in the compact and medium car segments, the technology controls rebound damping using an ECU located in each shock to deliver superior control, handling and ride comfort. In addition, Tenneco launched its next generation line of modular electronic exhaust valves, designed for use in low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation, cylinder deactivation and acoustic tuning applications.


Tenneco earns fourth consecutive TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier award for data quality

For the fourth consecutive time, TecAlliance, the automotive aftermarket’s premier data assessment and delivery provider, has named Tenneco a TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier in recognition of its continued commitment to data excellence.

TecAlliance reviews and evaluates data supplied by automotive parts manufacturers on a quarterly basis to ensure data quality standards are met and to help drive them toward continuous improvement. Suppliers that meet certain defined requirements are awarded the TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier seal of quality.

Tenneco has earned TecAlliance certification for product data it supplies for use in the TecDoc DVD catalog. The certification covers Tenneco’s complete Monroe® ride performance, Walker® and Fonos™ emissions control and Rancho® performance suspension brand portfolios in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region.


Tenneco debuts updated packaging for Monroe suspension parts

Tenneco has updated the design of its Monroe® packaging in an effort to better align the iconic brand’s premium suspension product offerings with its latest global appearance guidelines. Featuring the Monroe logo, wing and a stylish yellow and black design, the new range of boxes began rolling out in August and already are being used for products shipped from Tenneco’s STTR warehouse.

As part of the change, Tenneco has expanded the available range of box sizes from five to 12 that are better adjusted to the size and shape of available suspension parts. In addition, each new box serves to promote Tenneco’s extensive experience as an original equipment suspension solutions provider through a simple message included on each box top: “Original Equipment Expertise Inside.” This message will be translated into 40 languages to reach buyers across the EMEA region.