MasterDrive Newsletter 05 October 2017

MasterDrive Newsletter 05 October 2017

MasterTips: Are we ready for self-driving cars?

As the prospect of self-driving cars comes ever closer within the international community, many are questioning whether the roads are ready for it. This may be especially true for African roads.

MasterTest: Driving expressions: the BMW i8

The BMW i range symbolises visionary vehicle concepts, inspirational design and sustainability. For Eugene Herbert, the car is reminiscent of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

MasterNews: The Unbreakable campaign concludes with a bang

Miss South Africa’s Unbreakable campaign came to an end last weekend. MasterDrive was there to share their knowledge and help empower women to protect themselves.


After a nice dinner, two couples get up from the table. The ladies go to the kitchen and the men to the family room. One gent says to the other: "I think it’s so wonderful you call your wife, honey pie, sweet pea and sugar all the time. The other gent says, "To tell you the truth, I forgot her name four years ago."

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