MasterDrive Newsletter 28 September 2017

MasterDrive Newsletter 28 September 2017

MasterTips: Are you AARTO ready? Think again…

It seems definite that AARTO will be implemented in 2018. This will create many challenges for law-breaking motorists, especially if they belong to your fleet. This is how to prepare.

MasterTest: Driving expressions: Kia Soul

The Kia Soul has seen some enhancements to the crossover model which are meant to make the car hip. Eugene Herbert takes it for a ride to see what you can now expect from the updated model.

MasterNews: Making strides in the motoring industry

RMI and MISA launched an industry-first, joint-initiative this week which seeks to see improved prospects and for those with disabilities and in gender-equality. This is what the two organisations had to say.


On a rural road a police officer pulls a farmer over and says: "Sir, do you realise you left your wife at that shopping centre several kilometres back?" To which the farmer replies: "Thank Goodness, I thought I had gone deaf!"