Honda Quest 2017 finalists announced!

Honda Quest 2017 finalists announced!

What was just a dream a few months ago, is becoming a reality for the 20 finalists who were chosen for Honda Quest at the recent Boot Camp.

Boot Camp had 40 contestants who were selected from almost 900 entries. The  aim was not only to determine who would be able to complete Honda Quest, but also who could be brand ambassadors for Quest and the versatile Honda CRF1000 L Africa Twin.

Early in September these 20 finalists will be flown to Namibia where they will embark on Quest. The event, which starts and finishes in Windhoek, promises to be the adventure of a lifetime, involving over 2500 km of seriously challenging terrain through the Kaokoland and Damaraland, all in the space of 12 days. The participants will compete in ten teams of two riders each.

Riding skill is only one part of Quest, as participants will also be tested on their knowledge of the areas they'll be travelling through, their ability to work in a team, their mechanical skills, as well as their psychological strength.

This is going to be a true adventure, where the winning team might not be the one with the absolute best riding skills, but the one who displays the widest range of skills necessary to justify calling themselves True Adventurers.

The 20 finalists are:

  • Andrew Johnstone
  • Andries Haasbroek
  • Angus Welch
  • Barbara Muszynski
  • Charl du Plessis
  • Christiaan Potgieter
  • Clinton Pienaar
  • Francois Ebersohn
  • Frederik Dreyer
  • Gerrit du Toit
  • Gerrit Visser
  • Glenn Koch
  • Grant Pentelow
  • Jacobus Myburgh
  • Johannes Haasbroek
  • Johannes van Heerden
  • Lourens van Wyk
  • Marcel Vladar
  • Pieter Lourens
  • Salmon Nelson