First National Battery mining cap lamps awarded highest safety and design certificate

First National Battery mining cap lamps awarded highest safety and design certificate

First National Battery has been awarded formidable recognition in a permanent certificate number (PN 100) for their 4 Volt 4 Amp Intrinsic Safe (IS) Lead Acid LED Miners Cap Lamp.

The Valve Regulated Lead Acid IS Cap Lamp was designed to comply with and exceed stringent requirements of SANS 1438:2013 and ARP 0108. The Department of Mineral Resources issued the certificate after extensive trials exceeding 70 000 hours of underground testing as well as rigorous testing by a National Accredited Test Laboratory.

These rigorous tests not only ensure the lamps meet required safety standards, but guarantee the best quality materials are used. Adherence to these standards also proves the lamp can withstand daily underground mining conditions in South Africa.

Lighting the way for innovation

First National Battery first manufactured miners’ cap lamps in 1982. To date, more than 3 million have been supplied to major South African mining groups. More than 200 000 First National Battery lamps are used daily in South Africa. The full range of cap lamps is also exported to mining companies throughout Africa.

First National Battery’s cap lamp design has evolved over the years, the design is continuously being adapted to the harsh underground mining conditions to which the lamps are subjected daily during their lifespan. Africa has some of the deepest and hottest mines in the world, which require lamps that can handle rock-face, mud, water and heat.

Miner’s safety and comfort is also taken into account at all stages of design improvements, for example, a weight reduction from 2.1kg to only 650 grams. Meeting these requirements, coupled with the mining industry’s strictest safety and design regulations (issued by the Department of Mineral Resources) makes First National Battery a leader in the design and manufacture of miners cap lamps.

Design to meet industry needs

First National Battery miners’ cap lamps are available in 3 models, all classed Intrinsic Safe to the SANS 1438; 2013 and ARP 0108 Standard. The 4 Volt 4Ah Intrinsic Safe Lead Acid battery pack will replace the 4 Volt 4 Amp currently in use on the mines.

Since 2013, the award-winning 3.7 V 7 Ah TC1 and TC2 Lithium ion battery pack with LED headpieces have been successfully rolled out. One of SA’s major mining houses has already replaced 22000 of their over 30000 Lead Acid cap lamps with the light and compact lamp. All First National Battery miners’s cap lamps are fully maintainable by the end user, which means reduced downtime and cost of ownership.

The First National Battery Range of Lead Acid and Lithium Ion Cap Lamps are reliable, resilient pieces of equipment that aid miners in the harshest underground conditions, benchmarked against the most stringent world safety standards – bringing true innovation where it’s needed most.

For more information about the full range of mining batteries from First National Battery, visit www.battery.co.za or call toll free 0800 1112 600.