Newsletter 28 July 2017 | Another Masterdrive Adventure

Newsletter 28 July 2017  |  Another Masterdrive Adventure

MasterTips: Is your wheel alignment out?

[WATCH] Misaligned wheels can have dramatic effects on steering control, fuel efficiency and tyre life. These are the five signs to look out for.
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MasterTest: Driving expressions: the BMW X1

As we head into Women’s Month, Eugene Herbert takes a look at a potential car for moms. This crossover’s body design comes straight from the X-range while offering some great safety features.
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MasterNews: A resounding success for Speed in a Suit

The Speed in a Suit challenge kicked off its inaugural event at the recent TruckX expo. The host of the event was the SA Express Parcel Association (SAEPA) and their CEO, Garry Marshall, chats about future events.
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MasterHumour : That’s law enforcement

[WATCH] An elephant recently showed a pack of wild dogs and a police officer who’s boss.
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