Welcome back to an industry stalwart!

Haval SA is delighted - no, ecstatic - to have Tanya Ramos back on board.

Tanya has been with GWM since the very beginning, in 2007 - when it was but a fledgling importer of hard-working, budget-beating bakkies, many of which, by the way, are still on our roads today.

A little earlier this year GWM was rebranded as Haval SA - as it now falls directly under the auspices of Chinese giant Haval. A manufacturer that last year sold over one million SUVs on its home market.

"After a break in service, I'm delighted to be back among old friends at this company," says Tanya. "I look forward to a truly exciting 2017."

For any marketing or press queries - and Tanya knows that the country's media is dying to test the new Haval H2! - please contact Tanya on 011 884 8666/9666 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.