CITS - Now beyond proof-of-concept stage

CITS - Now beyond proof-of-concept stage

CITS – (Crankcase Independent Two-Stroke)

Now beyond proof-of-concept stage, with a running prototype. See it running here:
https://youtu.be/9MSIBobuEQQ (and on other videos on our website www.citsengine.com.au)

Fifteen incontestable attributes in CITS V-format technology.

1. The elimination of total-loss lubrication, thereby reducing by about 98% the typical 1:40 oil-to-petrol ratio of a normal smokey two-stroke to a typical 1: 2500 as required for upper cylinder lubrication in the four-stroke, also using pressurised recirculated lubrication.

2. This lubrication in turn allowing a CITS two-stroke with plain shell bearings instead of their heavier, more expensive, roller bearings, and complex crankshaft fitment.

3. The oil in the CITS sump is not polluted by the moisture, sulphur and particulates in the combustion gas by-passing the piston-ring, as it is in the four-stroke, as this is isolated from the CITS crankcase and its oil. Instead it is recirculated to the combustion. In the increasingly adopted EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) this has been proven to improve combustion, and oil change intervals can be greatly extended as a result, or even eliminated.

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