The POWER of effective Intelligence sharing proven True

The POWER of effective Intelligence sharing proven True

We have mentioned in a few publications the power of effective intelligence sharing is in the best interest of the community. This was proven true last week.

An incident occurred in Johannesburg were a client was held up with his two sons. We are happy to say that none of them were hurt during the incident. The crime started in the early hours of Thursday morning when suspects gained entry into a property though the premises was covered by CCTV Camaras and an alarm system. The suspects were not hindered by any of the security measures in place.

It was during this unfortunate incident that the owner and his family was held up at gunpoint and bound. The suspects proceeded to loot the home while the victims were under guard by one of the suspects. During the incident the suspects also took the victims vehicle. The owner of the vehicle then made use of our services to distribute his stolen vehicle information to our dedicated network which consisted of Security Service Providers, SAPS and the community. Our application automatically notified all the relevant stake holders regarding the stolen vehicle.

We are proud to announce that due to the dedication and hard work from all parties involved that the vehicle was recovered in the South Of Johannesburg on the Friday evening. It was through the collaboration that the information was received by various crime networks and resulted in the positive identification and recovery of the vehicle. It is due to this that we would like to thank all parties involved in sharing and acting on the intelligence last week after the robbery occurred.

The results could not have been achieved without the dedication and valuable support from all involved.

Our Mobi Website Application was developed to communicate the information effectively and so doing support the community in combatting crime.


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