Find out how to target brands to Youth and Kasi markets

Find out how to target brands to Youth and Kasi markets

Out of all the market segments in South Africa, the township and youth markets are possibly the trickiest for brand owners to understand and marketers to target. To this end, market research company, Ask Afrika will be sharing top-line trends and insights emerging from both their Kasi Star Brands and Youth Brands benchmarks at a conference at the Zonki Shebeen Venue in Muldersdrift on 22 June. Township marketing expert GG Alcock, CEO of Minanawe and author of the book ‘Kasinomics’, will be speaking at the conference.

Discover a new geospatial brand planning tool

In addition, Ask Afrika will also be sharing their latest geospatial solution, GeoScope, at the conference. GeoScope creates a visual map of consumer behaviour, points of interest, utilities and market segments. It is used to visually plot and view research data combined with census information and psychographic descriptions available in Target Group Index (TGI), making it the richest dataset currently available to marketers and brand owners.

Identifying product gaps using the Kasi Star Brands research

A large portion of the South African population lives in a township and this market segment has significant spending power. Kasi Star brands are brands that are used loyally by township consumers across the country. It is important for marketers to understand consumer lifestyles and attitudes towards brands in the Kasi. The Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands research provides valuable insights into product preferences, media consumption patterns and psychographic profiles of this market. It enables marketers to create credible conversations with township consumers and to understand the influences that are unique to the township environment.

Connecting with South African Youth

In South Africa a significant portion of the population fall into the youth market, it is important for brand owners to understand this entire market segment and not just millennials. The Ask Afrika Youth Brands benchmark answers questions around loyal usage patterns from young people aged 15 up to 34, irrespective of background or living standard. This year, 72 product categories were included in the youth brands survey.  The research further segments South African youth consumers by life stage. To understand the youth market better, life stages can be used in a segmentation model filtered by the brand and product category.  Each life stage has a core life value and events that influence consumer choice.

Ask Afrika Youth Brands define a common experience, to which South African youth are committed to in a real sense: they put their money where their mouths are to demonstrate this loyalty.  The Ask Afrika Youth Brands winners will be revealed in the Sunday Sun on 25 June and published in the Daily Sun on 27 June.

Ask Afrika Kasi Star and Youth Brands Conference details

Date: 22 June 2017

Time: 11.30am

Venue: Zonki Shebeen Venue in Muldersdrift


  1. Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands survey insights 
  2. A look at Kasi Youth by GG Alcock
  3. Ask Afrika Youth Brands insights – making sense of Gen X, Y and Z
  4. Ask Afrika GeoScope Solution 

Tickets: There are limited seats available and tickets can be booked by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Ticket price: R710 per person, excluding  VAT.

The value of in-depth research reports

 In-depth Ask Afrika research reports assist with brand planning and marketing strategies, competitive intelligence, consumer profiling, product enhancement and client pitches. There are various reporting options that look at what is driving loyalty in various market segments, or which are tailored to media and marketing strategies for Kasi or youth consumers. Ask Afrika research reports provide powerful tools for brand owners to measure return on investment (ROI) in various market segments.

To find out more, or to order Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands, Youth Brands or Geoscope research reports contact: (012) 428 7400 and speak to Dr Amelia Richards (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Mariëtte Croukamp (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


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